Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Brian W. Beakler, Ph. D.


Contact Number: (717) 449-6898

Dr. Brian Beakler, founder and CEO of Beakler Consulting Services (BCS), is an expert witness throughout North America, recognized by National Wood Flooring Association. His methods and knowledge, supported by 20 years of experience in the following fields:

  • Wood product manufacturing
  • Floor product consulting
  • Structural inspections and assessments
  • Forensic diagnostics and investigations
  • Testing (destructive and nondestructive)
  • Wood anatomy and identification
  • Microscopy
  • Moisture-related defects
  • Product development, research, and design
  • Solid engineered wood flooring
  • Lumber production
  • Veneer production
  • Environmental moisture control and assessment

Dr. Beakler’s experience provides the technical insights required to identify the cause of wood-related failures and their effects on the plaintiff(s.) When working as a litigation specialist, Dr. Beakler clarifies technical or complex scientific matters related to wood to the aspects of the case. Dr. Beakler is recognized throughout the industry for his experience and education in wood product manufacturing and hardwood flooring installations. He works closely with attorneys, litigants, and courts to resolve all types of wood flooring litigation disputes. As a consultant, he assists the litigation team in developing a strategy by providing professional input on the case’s issues. Many issues and concerns may not be apparent early in the litigation process to someone outside the field of wood product manufacturing.

Dr. Beakler also provides litigation assistance with HVAC issues, wood flooring material identification, moisture and storage issues, proper installation procedures, sanding/finishing procedures, kiln drying processes, warranty coverage, forensic evidence gathering, and deposition and discovery preparation.

BCS also has experts in addition to Dr. Beakler which have vast experience in litigation covering other sectors of the wood product industries; including structural engineering, hardwood and softwood lumber drying and yarding, invasive insects and pathogens, plywood and veneer production, lumber production processes, quality and production systems analysis. The BCS team has over 200 years of combined experience in the wood product industries’ sectors.

As an expert witness, Dr. Beakler and his team of experts not only bring the depth of experience, education, and qualifications needed – they bring focus and professionalism to any situation. As testifying expert witnesses, they will understand the client’s needs and objectives and prepare to support the client to navigate all the complexities of the litigation process.

Apart from litigation consulting, Beakler Consulting Services also include the following:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Wood flooring design
  • Flooring construction specifications
  • Insurance
  • Installation compliance claims

If you feel BSC can support your litigation requirements, contact us to schedule a time to discuss your situation.