Mark Boldizar

Boldizar Headshot 1-6-2022

Mark Boldizar

Innovation and Strategy Specialist

Mark’s long track record of success started with his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Saint Francis University, where he graduated summa cum laude. Throughout Mark’s career, he has been recognized for his outstanding efforts through numerous awards, such as the prestigious Armstrong President’s Award, the annual Armstrong Innovation Award, and a United States patent, along with multiple other awards and personal and team recognitions.

Mark provides process and productivity improvement opportunity analysis, planning and execution services, and support, along with multi-generational innovation, technology, and new product road mapping consultation and collaboration to operations, manufacturing, and research and development organizations. Mark focuses on delivering sustainable results by combining a simple improvement methodology based upon the scientific method and proven statistical tools with a unique data-based approach to organizational engagement and change management at individual and team levels.

Mark’s visionary approach to product and process improvement, innovation, new product development, and project planning and execution enable Mark to help clients worldwide sustainably achieve extraordinary business results in the long term. Mark joined the BSC team in 2018.