About Our Founder and CEO

Brian W. Beakler, Ph. D.
Email: brian@beaklerconsulting.com
Contact Number: 717-449-6898

Beakler Consulting Services, LLC (BCS) was formed by Dr. Brian Beakler, a Wood Product Scientist. Dr. Beakler was a corporate leader, with nearly two decades of applied experience working with the wood products and flooring industries prior to the inception of BCS. Dr. Beakler’s love and passion for hardwood floors and trends is his passion.

With his team, Dr. Beakler strives to provide clients with a significant competitive advantage through strategy and execution of new products. BCS also specializes in the inspection, assessment and evaluation of wood and wood-based products that are used in all aspects of construction, engineering and design.

Dr. Beakler’s past professional experience includes, Senior Manager of R&D with Armstrong Flooring, Inc. where he was responsible for a diverse R&D department devoted to innovation and development of resilient and wood flooring products for commercial and residential markets. During his tenure, he managed and grew the Armstrong Certified Installer Program throughout North America, while also overseeing the testing and analytical functions of R&D.

In 2013, Dr. Beakler was awarded the prestigious Armstrong CEO Award for the acquisition and development of a technology to distressed hardwood flooring. This technology replicated a time-worn wood floor, dating back centuries. He also led significant, innovative developments on coatings, materials, and installation during his tenure with Armstrong. Dr. Beakler’s leadership in technological contributions resulted in over 2 billion dollars of new product sales.

Dr. Beakler was an active member of the Industrial Research Institute. In 2016, he completed the Shaping Innovation Leaders Executive Management Program at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Dr. Beakler held the position as Wood Scientist for Matthews International, York Casket Division, where he served for three years focusing on lumber drying, process improvements, and process troubleshooting, which resulted in improved material yields year over year.

Dr. Beakler earned a Ph.D., Wood Products from the School of Forest Resources at the Pennsylvania State University. His teaching and research at Penn State focused on wood anatomy, kiln drying hardwood lumber and quantifying organic emissions from the kiln drying processes. His work has been cited as the baseline science for hardwood emissions for the State of Pennsylvania.

His leadership skills, combined with his innovative, forward-thinking mindset, thrust Dr. Beakler into multiple service roles in large industry trade associations, including the role of Chairman of the Board for the Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association (now Decorative Hardwoods Association). He has also held Board appointments with the Decorative Hardwoods Association, Hardwood Forestry Fund, Keystone Kiln Drying Association and an Advisory Board seat with Penn State University’s School of Bio-Renewable Systems. He also served a 3-year term on the Markwardt Award Committee to determine the best peer-reviewed articles published by the Forest Products Society.

Dr. Beakler has served as a speaker at the National Wood Flooring Association, Certified Flooring Installers and Keystone Kiln Drying Association annual conventions. 

He also holds multiple patents and has several peer and non-peer reviewed publications to his credit.

Dr. Beaker is currently serving as President of the Floor Covering Institute, the leading global consultancy covering all aspects of the floor covering industry.