Clients & Testimonials

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Beakler has focused his research and consultation services across a variety of industries, and has a strong reputation with clients, several are listed below. His multi-disciplined experiences has taken Dr. Beakler across four continents to work with companies in the hardwood and flooring industries.



“Having worked with Brian for over 10 years, he is one of the most knowledgeable engineered wood specialists I know. He’s focused, energetic, expert, and a delight to work with.”

C.T. “Kip” Howlett Jr.

President, Decorative Hardwoods Association

“Brian is a person who leaves an indelible mark on everyone who has the good fortune to know him. He has been very successful throughout his career, and his employers have greatly benefited from his technical knowledge and management expertise. I know in part because I worked with Brian early in my career at Armstrong World Industries, both as a collaborative researcher on projects and also under his project management guidance. Brian excels at ideation and he has the organizational skills required to not only see the big picture, but also develop and execute plans to realize desired outcomes. In addition to his impeccable work ethic, Brian is a genuinely kind and trustworthy person. He would be my first choice regardless of the team needed to be put together for a project.”

Dr. Keith Quisenberry

Sr. Research Associate, Franklin International

“We have had the chance to work with Brian for years. He couldn’t be more highly recommended for his knowledge and expertise.”

Yves Allard

Sr. Product Manager, Product Engineering, Matthews International

“Brian is an honest, hardworking team player that gets results. Brian has a unique ability to be open to innovation, yet keep his teams focused on execution to a final product. Innovation is about unknowns, lessons from mistakes and technical theory. Brian has a great way of blending these to produce at high level. Brian is a pleasure and a huge asset for any organization.”

Douglas Ankney

VP of Resilient Manufacturing, Armstrong Flooring Products, Inc.

“Brian is a catalyst. Brian has an authenticity that enables him to quickly build collaborative relationship with others. This, combined with his depth of technical knowledge, enables him to lead individuals and teams to develop and deliver solutions that combine the collective best the team has to offer.

I’ve not worked with anyone who makes the individual feel so valued yet is able to bring out the maximum potential in a group. I highly recommend Brian to anyone looking to quickly analyze the potential in a process and/or team has, in a way that can be immediately auctioned for significant returns.”

Mark Boldizar

Principal, Boldizar Consulting Services

“I had the pleasure of meeting Brian several years ago during training at Northwestern University. I’ve continued to work with Brian as our careers have taken different turns. I worked with Brian and his R&D leaders at Armstrong. I find that Brian is not only an excellent scientist and innovator but a leader that’s committed to empowering leadership, developing his staff and driving real innovation. That combination is certainly unique and highly valued as an R&D leader. I’ve continued to work with Brian as he’s launched his own consulting practice focused on wood science and flooring industries. He is honest, transparent and operates at the highest standards. I highly recommend working with Brian and consider him a thought leader in innovation and leadership.”

Dr. Crystal Morrison

Founder and CEO, EverRise

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